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Analysis of scope of commercial space in Delhi-NCR

Delhi-NCR is a great place to open a retail and commercial place. Marketplaces like Khan Market and Connaught Place are India’s biggest one. In the latest survey done by Cushman & Wakefield, it shows that markets in Delhi are in the top 10s and 20s in the world. In fact, rentals in Khan Market, DLF Galleria and Connaught Place are also the highest rankers in India, ahead of commercial capital of Mumbai and IT capital Bengaluru. Now that we have done a step-wise analysis of commercial markets of India and Delhi-NCR, it will not be wrong to zero-in Dwarka L zone as the market leader right now. The land pooling policy in the Dwarka L zone has already brought Rs 35000 crores from the builders and investors creating a base for retails shops.

If you have a commercial space in the biggest residential sector of Asia, a continent where the largest country both in terms of area as well as population exists, then the future seems bright for you. Dwarka being that biggest residential sector advocates a rare phenomenon in Delhi and India. Observing the price trends of Dwarka, we find that it has seen an increase of 6% in the 2nd quarter of 2016. This is a jovial news especially because the other markets of Delhi have either seen a decline or no change. These markets include the names such as South Extension and Greater Kailash 1. The need for branded shops have also increased in Dwarka, be it in malls or independent stores.

The increased commercial prices of Dwarka when India is witnessing a turmoil in real estate is a silver lining. The standard of life in Dwarka is probably the highest in Delhi-NCR or in fact in India. It resides the most elite class of people. The high ranking officials, corporate working class and business tycoons live in Dwarka. These are the really spenders in Indian market. This is precisely the reason why price in Dwarka has gone up. The demands for luxury is growing here and looks set to grow further in the future with the extension of Dwarka. Dwarka brings in the culture of developed cities where branded retail shops have more independent presence than in malls.

The mathematics is simple, Delhi is the best place in India, and Dwarka L zone is the best place in Delhi in terms of retail market potential. Thus, it seems logical to choose this area and use the opportunities presented. That’s why APS Revanta Developers has chosen Dwarka L-Zone as their launching pad in commercial sector with their latest project Revanta Plaza. Rates of lockable shops, starting INR 8000/-, at this Plaza is just 20% – 25% of the current rates of commercial shops at Dwarka, INR 39,244/- .This statistics may be unbelievable to you, but it’s true. 20,000 hectares of new development in Delhi through land pooling policy and MPD 2021 has thrown open this unique opportunity for limited period. Please make the best out of it!


Current Commercial Shop/Showroom Rate/Price Trend in Dwarka

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